"I cannot add anything other than applauding the course facilitators on a first rate programme. There was opportunity to 'stretch' and learn experientially with practical exercises reflecting the real world. I now feel much more confident in my role"


Training and Facilitating

A little training delivers a lot of result especially when the organisation is clear about what needs to be different. With the pressure to deliver more for and with less...think about:


Such breakthroughs happen when we are relaxed and not focused on the very thing we are trying to resolve. With increasing pressure to achieve more with less, how do we build just enough space into our lives to encourage such moments?

A climate of trust accelerates productivity.
How can you make a difference to your teamís productivity?

It is ok to be different until it is me who is different... think about it.

We ask
Simple questions to help you identify the outcomes you need

We use
Diagnostic tools:

to test assumptions

We bring
20 years experience in the design and development of training interventions in:

We bring
20 years experience in the facilitation of teams:

20 years experience in the performance management:

and Action Learning Sets

Action Learning is simple, cost effective, practical and reflective. Facilitated by accredited coaches.

"I found the facilitation very effective allowing us to make mistakes and LEARN"