"Having a third party in the room made the communication process so much easier. I found myself saying things that previously I had held back. Suddenly there was scope for resolution. This would not have happened without an external mediator"



There are times when conflict escalates to such a point that it leads to a complete breakdown in trust, relationships and the ability to perform professionally. The impacts of such conflict are hard to quantify and assess. Yes there is the inevitable loss of time, the disproportionate expending of negative energy; what about missed opportunity? Error? And, most importantly, how do we quantify the personal impact in terms of loss of self confidence, self esteem, self doubt?

The presence of an independent external mediator can introduce a new dynamic; enabling unvoiced issues to be expressed. Through creating a safe, impartial and non judgemental environment, areas of mutuality emerge and are skilfully explored enabling the evolution of pragmatic ways forward and an agreed step by step outcome.

How we work

Before initiating a mediation process, we always meet with both parties on a one to one basis to enable them to assess their willingness and readiness to engage. All mediation needs to be voluntary.

Our mediators offer sensitive independent facilitation. As experienced professionals, they are skilled at building trust, communicating transparently, grounding conflict such that parties are able to discover for themselves their own capacity for resolution.