"The sessions were in my opinion extremely powerful - they allowed me to turn my negativity into positivity without which I would have left my job. It has inspired me to re-engage with myself - a life changing experience"


"The luxury of having time to think was worth every penny, I know where I need to be and how to get there"



By the end of a coaching relationship, our aim is to ensure that coachees have achieved their personal coaching objectives and developed their understanding of the coaching process so they are better able to coach themselves and in turn, to coach others.

Achieving a lot for a little

We seek to build awareness and self-esteem by affirming the uniqueness of each coachee, supporting them in recognising their own patterns of thinking and behaviour and enabling them to make informed choices. We enable them to think confidently for themselves and having heightened awareness as to their leadership preferences and impacts.

"I found our sessions extremely useful and already they are impacting how I think and behave and my mangerial competence"

We transform the way people work, developing empowered leadership and sustaining internal growth.

We recognise that goals change, develop and become re-defined as the coaching process proceed. Continuous review is therefore a foundation stone of our coaching practice.

We listen to you and offer


About our coaches

Our coaches are all skilled at building a climate of trust, rapport and openness enabling the sharing and exchange of experiences and allowing vulnerability, an essential pre-requisite for learning, to take place.

"I do not trust - nor am I able to share easily so it is all credit to you that you were able to draw this from me."

We can offer a nucleus of Association for Coaching Accredited Coaches.

Choosing an accredited coach gives enhanced confidence in the quality of the coaches employed. Whereas a qualification indicates that at a point in time a coach had a certain level of competence, professional accreditation indicates not only this but also that: